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Concrete Pumping Can Help Create Beautiful Colored Driveways

One of the best options for adding interest and color to the outside appearance of your home is a beautiful colored driveway!  Why?  Because they are designed to be a colorful change of pace; an interesting addition to your property that is easily noticed and appreciated over the usual cold, gray, concrete slabs that most people have outside their homes.  Best of all, the choice of color is up to you!  You can coordinate the color to match, contrast, or compliment your home.  Gray just can’t do that.

Next question:  How to get it done the most professionally and economically possible?

With concrete pumps.  Yep, this is not really a DIY project a homeowner should take on.


Concrete pumps transfer concrete directly from a mixing facility and keep it wet. Then by simply using a boom control a company like Sensible Concrete is able to accurately place concrete anywhere it needs to go, and at a consistency that is maintained throughout the whole project.  Now, think about how long your driveway is. Do you really want to break your back, and spend who knows how many hours, mixing one  wheelbarrow of concrete at a time and shoveling it out yourself?  All while trying to keep each batch the same consistency?  Yeah…I  didn’t think so.

Pumping concrete, colored or regular, over using just a crew of workers saves you money by saving you man hours, too.  Cha-ching. Because the full amount of concrete needed is already calculated and mixed, at just the right consistency, and is easily placed exactly where one wants it, in a fraction of time.  Compare this with mixing the color and consistency needed, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow full, hour after man hour.  Using a concrete pump also reduces waste during the pour. At the end of the job, no need to try and figure out how and where to dump that excess wheelbarrow full of concrete. 


Sensible Concrete, the best residential concrete company in the Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge area knows all the ins and outs of pouring concrete, colored, stamped, engraved, or just plain gray; whatever you have questions about!  We are experienced, service oriented, licensed, and insured!  Give us a call – we give FREE estimates!