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Reviews from the Better Business Bureau:

I would recommend Sensible Concrete Works for all of your concrete needs. Aimee and Jeremy are tremendous people. They recently paved a driveway for me at a home that I built. I made a mistake when explaining to them where exactly the driveway needed to be and didn’t realize what had been done until about a month after they had poured the driveway. They came back and took full responsibility for the error (which again was my fault) and fixed it without charging anything for the work done. It is rare that in today’s world you can find someone that is more concerned with doing the right thing and making sure the customer is happy, than just making money. Working with Aimee and Jeremy on this driveway showed me that they have integrity and want to do what is right for the customer, not to mention they did an excellent job on pouring the driveway. I will recommend them to friends and other builders without hesitation.

-Austin W.
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