Our Tennessee Smokies Sponsorship

Smokies Baseball is a community-wide family favorite as well as a personal favorite pastime for members of our Sensible Concrete family. As such, one of our best moments in Getting Involved with the local community has been to become a major sponsor for the Tennessee Smokies baseball team and stadium in nearby Kodak, TN.

Smokies Baseball provides a 9-inning vacation all throughout the late Spring and through to late summer. Events continue happening throughout the year that are excellent for families, couples, groups and individuals. Find fun swag at many of these events along with all the thrills of baseball from the mascots to the foods and the thrill of seeing, and hearing, a homerun!

We’re also happy to introduce, as part of our promotional collaboration with the Tennessee Smokies, the “Sensible Concrete Luxury Level” which includes the “Garza Law Terrace at Smokies Stadium”, luxury suites and the Smokies Party Porch that you can see more of at https://www.milb.com/tennessee/tickets/luxurylevel.

Baseball and summer are an American institution and we hope you all get a chance to see some baseball with the fam this summer.

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