For all its strength and use as a literal foundation and cornerstone for much of modern construction, concrete can be damaged or corrupted by quite a few elements and responsible handling of it requires an awareness of certain delicacies concrete, as a material, has. Concrete can be damaged, superficially and structurally, by fire, water, sea water, bacteria, calcium leaching, corrupted water, chloride, sulfates, silica aggregates that react to water and to alkalis, and, of course, a strong and aggressive physical conflict with concrete will damage or destroy it.

Thankfully, there are tools that professionals in concrete construction use that can treat and protect concrete from damage. Concrete can be treated with formulas like Hychem TL9 or acrylic coating, processes like hydrophobic impregnation or realkalisation, waterproofing methods, and sometimes even bacteria. And then sometimes there just is no fixing concrete once it’s been damaged, it will need to be replaced.

If you have concrete that has been damaged and needs to be treated, repaired or replaced, contact us today!

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