Request for Proposal

Sensible Concrete Works is a company founded and governed by credibility, responsibility and dependability. When comparing contracts and dollars, be sure to compute the time of a project done correctly, within budget and on time. Sensible Concrete Works is known for delivering exceptional customer service, quality work and true to cost project bids. We look forward to hearing from you in regard to your upcoming, Industrial, Commercial or Residential project.

Policies in Request for Proposals and Bidding:
* All estimates are scheduled at a 2 week wait period. We may be able to schedule your estimate sooner, it just depends on on our current estimate schedule.
* Any estimate other than poured walls will have an estimate fee of $50.00. If the estimate is later approved, a credit of $100.00 will be credited to your project.
* We require a 7-14 day wait period for your estimate to be produced after we have come and seen your project. We will email you an official estimate and, if approved, will schedule the start of your project.
* We price your project with the best quality in mind.