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Attaching Turf To Concrete Surface

This blog is based on the expectation of attaching turf to concrete surface for the purpose of temporarily decorating for an event, NOT a landscaping solution.

Event turf runners are so lightweight and portable it makes decorating so easy anywhere you’d like the look of real grass without the dirt!  They can be used to accent or upgrade a special event happening at your home, around your pool, for photo shoots, or even in convention centers at trade shows, red carpet events, and banquet halls – literally any place that has a concrete floor that you would like to dress up!   

What Glue Do I Use On My Concrete To Hold The Turf In Place

In actuality, we don’t recommend glue.  Of any kind.  We suggest you use double-sided tape to fasten your turf securely to concrete. This way, neither the concrete nor the turf should get damaged. In addition, we recommend duct tape, too.  Here is a list of supplies:

  • Broom
  • Artificial Turf Runner
  • Heavy Duty Double-Sided tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors

How To Attach

  • If your runner has creases from being stored, lay the runner out in the sun a day or two in advance. The heat will help remove wrinkles or fold lines.
  • Sweep the concrete to remove any dirt or debris, this makes for a better sticking surface for the double–sided tape.
  • Lay out your turf runner, correct side up.  Fold back 6-10 inches at one end and apply a strip of duct tape the full width, edge to edge.  This gives the double-sided tape a smooth surface on which to adhere.
  • Cut a slightly smaller width of double-sided tape and apply directly on top of the duct tape, leaving a bit of clearance at the edges.
  • Unfold the edge of the runner and secure it to the concrete surface by applying direct and full pressure to the taped area with your hands or feet. 
  • Repeat the above steps at the other end of the runner, as well as approximately every 5 feet down the length of the runner for added no-slip security. 

When your event is over, remove the double-sided tape only, that way you will already be half way done the next time you want to use your artificial turf runner!  Remember to roll the runner up, do not fold it, so there will be no lines or wrinkles the next time you want to use it!