What’s Breaking My Concrete and What Can I Do?

Broken Concrete fixes by Sensible

No one wants to see cracks or crumbling concrete occur in their driveway. There are things you can do to preserve and extend the life and look of your concrete for years to come once the job is completed. SEALING Sealing your concrete is the number one thing you can do to help keep cracks […]


Pouring concrete in the winter

It is Winter in East Tennessee.  You need a driveway or concrete slab poured now. But, can concrete be poured in winter with any guarantee of success?  Yep.   If certain precautions are taken along with consideration of weather conditions, concrete can be poured in the winter.  Well, probably not in Alaska…. but, hey, we are […]


Concrete Sealer

A concrete sealer is essential for protecting surfaces Ahhhhhh…..  It’s beautiful.  You are looking at your newly finished, pattern-stamped, interlocking pavers, acid-stained, exposed aggregate, colored, stenciled, or engraved concrete … whatever. You have just paid good money to have one or more of the following poured and finished: a pool deck, patio, driveway, floor, or […]

Concrete, A Cost-Effective Way to Enhance Your Backyard’s Aesthetic

Concrete creativity with a patio, the foundation of your escape plan!  With a little thought, there are inexpensive and unique ways to create a private oasis in your backyard; to become an inviting space you will never want to leave.   First, Sensible Concrete suggests launching your creativity with a patio, the foundation of your escape […]

Concrete Contractors: Why You Should Consider These Experts

Concrete Companies Sevierville, Pigeon Forge

Sensible Concrete knows there are many competent Do-It-Your-Selfers (DIY) that do complicated projects around their home with spectacular results. However, pouring concrete driveways is not usually in their repertoire. Good News!  You don’t have to go it alone!!  Let the experts at Sensible Concrete, the best residential concrete company in East Tennessee, pour your driveway!   […]


Cracks in concrete.  How do you prevent cracks in concrete? No one wants them. Not the homeowner, and not the concrete company responsible for the job.  So, why do they happen?  Durable, high-strength, crack-resistant concrete does not happen by accident.  That’s why when Sensible Concrete, your premier residential home concrete company starts a job, PREVENTION […]


Can I pour concrete over existing concrete??? With good care, your residential home’s concrete driveway or patio will last for many, many years.  But, alas, eventually, it WILL wear out.  Then comes decision time: repair it, or replace it.  Many people prefer to just add another concrete layer over the old one instead of digging […]


Sensible Concrete Works is as concerned as you are about preserving our environment and using our planet’s resources as responsibly as possible. Believe it or not; that goal can conscientiously be achieved by using “green” concrete when building your residential home. Building green with concrete or Building “green” is becoming more popular as attention to […]

Want a Unique Driveway? Finish It!

Concrete Finishes by Sensible Concrete

Your unique driveway is often the first impression of your home, and how you finish it can add style, as well as major curb appeal.  Poured concrete may be finished in many different ways:  smooth, textured, exposed aggregate, and more. There are advantages and disadvantages for each.  Sensible Concrete would like to introduce you to […]

Concrete vs Asphalt

Concrete vs Asphalt

You need a driveway, of course, to get to your house. You are probably wondering which is best for your residential home driveway: concrete vs asphalt. Sensible Concrete is here to help you figure it out! Let’s look at them and see! First, when considering concrete vs asphalt driveways, they do have some similarities:  both […]