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Can I pour concrete over existing concrete??? With good care, your residential home’s concrete driveway or patio will last for many, many years.  But, alas, eventually, it WILL wear out.  Then comes decision time: repair it, or replace it.  Many people prefer to just add another concrete layer over the old one instead of digging up the old one first.  But CAN or SHOULD you pour new concrete over old concrete?  Sensible Concrete, your residential concrete company, is here to help you with information.  

*Is the Existing Concrete Structure in Good Condition?

Pouring a new layer of concrete over heavily cracked concrete will not fix your problem; it will only, eventually, crack again. Unresolved issues will simply transfer to the new concrete.  Sensible Concrete can investigate why the damage has happened, fix it, and then add a new layer of concrete.   

*Is There a Path, Door, Stairs, an Adjoining Garage, Driveway, or Patio?

Adding a new layer of concrete over the old will significantly raise the overall level, as the new layer must be at LEAST 2” thick, and a bonding agent between the two layers will need to be added.  This could cause a problem for anything that directly connects to the old concrete slab.  There may not be sufficient clearance for a door to open, or a tripping hazard has been created for any connecting path, patio, or garage.  If any of these things apply, it would be better to remove the old concrete.

*New Concrete Poured Over Old Has a Shorter Lifespan

By pouring new concrete over an old slab, you risk getting potholes or new, different cracks from before because there are trouble areas under the old slab that haven’t surfaced yet.  After all, the condition of the new slab is dependent on the conditions the old slab is resting on. Bottom Line:  You CAN pour new concrete over old concrete, but it requires fixing problems, at least the ones you KNOW about, and making sure anything adjacent to your driveway or patio would not become a tripping hazard or obstacle for your doors. And Sensible Concrete can help you with the project!  But, honestly, if you were to tear out the old concrete, fix all the underneath cracking problems, those that can now be seen and those that haven’t erupted yet (!), and replace it with new, well-poured concrete, you could save yourself a lot of trouble, and maximize the lifespan of your new concrete, as well as making sure all connecting areas are level and joined correctly.  We give FREE quotes!   Call us!