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Sensible Concrete News

Company Care during Covid-19

Our country is experiencing something we were not prepared for with the Covid19 pandemic.

I am expressing what we are doing as a company to not only survive this but to hopefully come out of this situation better than we went in to it.

1st we are taking care of our people because without them we would not have a business.
Anyone who is sick will have paid sick time and a job to return to. In order to do this we have tightened our spending and as owners made personal decisions and sacrifices to help our employees.

2nd, we have followed all the safety procedures suggested to protect our employees and customers.

3rd, we are not freaking out about projects that have been delayed or called off due to this issue.
Instead we are offering services and marketing for projects that are in our scope of practice to fill any gaps in our schedule to keep people working. Most businesses can do this if they brainstorm and think outside the box.
We are taking applications currently as well. We know many people have lost their jobs and are looking for work. Our biggest struggle is finding good help that want a career not just a paycheck. That being said, this is an opportunity for most businesses who are planning for growth in the future to find employees who want to be a part of a business who values them and puts people above profits.

We firmly believe that taking this approach will aid our business in the future and fix our biggest struggle as small business owners which is having enough of the right individuals to service our clients and grow our business despite the current struggles we are facing.

4th, we are a Christian based business. We believe that God is in charge and we put our faith in him.

5th, we stay on top of current events and use them to make good decisions on the short and long term goals.

6th, we talk to other businesses owners and professionals to keep abreast of what is going on,
Brainstorm and learn. Our commercial banker, Barry Henderson, at SmartBank has been a tremendous help for a long time. Now is the time for business to seek out great companies who can help them and give good guidance and offer a personal relationship now and in the future. I have many other companies we deal with that have always been there for us personally and in business. If any business or individual wants recommendations, please private message me.

7th, it is ok to be scared. We all are. What matters is taking action despite the fear. We can not give up. We must all move forward and operate our businesses and personal lives with kindness, love and in accordance with a solid moral compass and belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I wrote this to hopefully help others in my community. We have to have hope and hold it together for ourselves and others.
Amy Elizabeth Scarborough Williams