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Concrete vs Asphalt

You need a driveway, of course, to get to your house. You are probably wondering which is best for your residential home driveway: concrete vs asphalt. Sensible Concrete is here to help you figure it out! Let’s look at them and see!

First, when considering concrete vs asphalt driveways, they do have some similarities:  both have a gravel base, and both are basically a mixture of sand and stone.  What differentiates them is the adhesive used to hold the sand and stone components together.  With asphalt, tar is used, hence the black color and common name, blacktop, while cement is used for concrete.  They both do a fine job of leading your car to the front door or garage.  But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

So, which is better for your residential home?  There are several factors that come into play when making that decision: appearance, durability, climate, budget, and your tolerance ($$) for maintenance needs. 

**Concrete Offers More Visual Options

Concrete takes well to the tinting or staining of just about any color you wish.  In addition, you can stamp patterns into concrete, or brush it for a textured finish.  But If you just want a streamlined, black appearance that matches the street – choose asphalt, because there is nothing else that can be done with, or added to it.

**Concrete Reflects Sunlight and Heat More Effectively

Let’s remember, you are building your driveway in the SOUTH!  The hot temperatures often have a negative effect on asphalt; it softens in the hot sun and can stick to shoes or car tires. And because asphalt absorbs heat, if you have kids that like to be barefoot outside; asphalt is NOT a friendly surface!  On the other hand, concrete’s light color reflects much of the heat! Cars parked on concrete can be up to 20 degrees cooler than those parked on asphalt.  

**Concrete is Almost Maintenance Free.

While the initial cost outlay of a concrete driveway is slightly more expensive than asphalt, in the long run, it tends to be more cost-effective.  Asphalt driveways may last 20-30 years if taken care of correctly.  That includes the cost of sealing it every 3-5 years and repairing the inevitable cracks. Concrete driveways tend to last 40-50 years. And yes, while you do seal your concrete driveway, too, it only has to be done once!  

Sensible Concrete is ready to discuss any questions you might still have about concrete vs asphalt and which material is best for your needs.  And we are ready to give you a free quote!  Give us a call!  We want to help put your mind at ease!