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Sensible Concrete News

Graffiti Removal & Surface Protection

It’s disgusting, insulting, and infuriating.  You walk out of your home one morning to find graffiti all over your sidewalk or concrete driveway.  Or you arrive at work only to discover the concrete parking lot, or even your actual building has been attacked by vandals, trying to pass as artists. Ugh.

Graffiti Removal & Surface Protection is not something most of us have experience with; so how DO you get graffiti off concrete? Important point: the longer the offense is there, the harder it is to get off. Quick removal is imperative! 

The easiest and quickest way is to call a professional company that specializes in this and let them do their thing.  But if it is a small patch, and you’d like to try to remove it yourself, fortunately, these days, there are numerous products on the market you can try such as TAGINATOR®, or PROSOCO’s suite of Graffiti Removal & Surface Protection. Products like these can remove all types of graffiti from almost any type of surface within 24 hours.  

If you are going to do the removal yourself, simply follow the instructions on the product carefully!  Some helpful hints: 

  • the outside temperature should ideally be above 60°F
  • you will need a hot water, high pressure device in the removal
  • use a brush to work the graffiti remover into the surface

The BEST Protection Against Graffiti Is Surface Protection

Sensible Concrete seals their concrete work with anti-graffiti toppings, called Barrier Coatings, to make graffiti cleanup easier, should it happen. Think of these coatings as “scotch guard” for your concrete!  

Preventative anti-graffiti coatings are divided into two categories. “Sacrificial” and “Non-Sacrificial”.  Sacrificial coatings come off the wall, taking spray paint with them, when blasted with hot water from a pressure washer. Sacrificial coatings can be silicone but are often wax-based. Using them is like putting floor wax on the wall. After the graffiti-stained coating is peeled from the wall, a fresh coat is applied. 

“Non-Sacrificial”, or permanent coatings, are usually epoxies, polyurethanes or urethanes, and they stand up to cleaning solvents. However, many permanent coatings aren’t truly permanent.  Depending on how often vandalism occurs, you will have to reapply some of them after either five or 10 years. 

Sensible Concrete is deeply offended when this “artistry”, in reality, vandalism, defaces our beautiful residential or commercial work.  We want our concrete buildings, driveways, and sidewalks to be our billboards, showing off our excellent service and quality of work.  If you have questions about graffiti removal, or would like to talk about adding a barrier coating to your concrete, give us a call!  We are here to help!