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What’s Breaking My Concrete and What Can I Do?

No one wants to see cracks or crumbling concrete occur in their driveway. There are things you can do to preserve and extend the life and look of your concrete for years to come once the job is completed.


Sealing your concrete is the number one thing you can do to help keep cracks and other damage away.  Yes, the concrete company most likely did this as part of the job. But sealing is not a “one and done” kind of thing. Topical sealers should be applied to the surface of your concrete every few years in order to prevent cracks, staining, and surface damage. Temperature and weather changes can severely damage concrete.  Sealant keeps the concrete from expanding and contracting during extremely cold temps. Remove ice and snow as soon as possible, too, because this can also damage the surface of the cement over time. Sealing is a critical step and is THE preventative to protect your investment. 

Although your concrete sealer will definitely help protect your concrete, it’s also a good idea to clean stains and spills as soon as they happen. Unattended stains over time, such as leaked oil from your car, will discolor your concrete.  Remove any stains promptly to maintain the great look of your concrete. Cleaning your concrete now and then with just soap and water will also remove unsightly dirt and debris buildup, and keep your concrete looking great, and make your overall home appearance more attractive.   

Yes, concrete is tough and strong, but chemical reactions can still affect it, and even eat away at the surface.  Spilling fertilizer on your concrete surfaces or parking a car that has an oil leak can end up leaving stains that can’t be removed.  Using certain deicers on your driveway in the winter can be very detrimental to the surface of your concrete.  Always read the directions and warnings before using. Some deicers contain chemicals that will actually end up eating through your sealant, harming the concrete, if used or not cleaned off in a timely manner.  

The moment you see a crack or imperfection in your concrete slab, you need to take action. Usually, small cracks will grow to become big cracks if left unattended. Eventually they may become a real issue, possibly requiring professional help. If you are comfortable working with cement repair tools, you should patch the problem.  But if you are not experienced, or don’t feel comfortable tackling this job, Sensible Concrete is available to help you!  We are very experienced in concrete maintenance and repair, and we give free quotes!  Call us!