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Poured Concrete Foundation or Block Foundation?

This is easily the most important question regarding the building of your new residential home. Sensible Concrete Works wants to give you the low-down on what’s best for your residential home because it’s important. It’s literally THE FOUNDATION of your home!

There is a reason 72% of new homes in the national market are built with a poured concrete wall system.


Poured concrete wall foundations

are arguably stronger than cinder block foundations. Because poured concrete has lateral strength, it is able to resist pressure from both outside water and shifting soil, better than block. And this is because there are no joints in poured concrete, as there are in block foundations making poured concrete supremely easier to waterproof.  Because of the grout lines, block foundations tend to have more leaks.  Water and weather over time wear down the mortar.


Poured concrete walls

can be formed in any foundation design, as well as be adapted for last-minute changes.  Additionally, they are faster and more efficient to build.  And because Sensible Concrete Company is centrally located in East Tennessee and can reach most locations within 90 minutes, we have lower mileage fees than other companies that are further away. This certainly adds to the reasons Sensible Concrete is the best residential concrete company to hire! 

Third:  Block foundations require many, many skilled bricklayers, a skill set that runs into higher labor costs, and the workforce required may not necessarily be readily available. And in the long run, block wall foundations are more prone to bowing and buckling; not to mention repairs are costly if you have to rebuild the block wall.

Here’s the bottom line: Modern poured concrete foundation forms have revolutionized foundation construction.  While It would take a small army of masons to achieve the same results building with concrete block, an experienced foreman, with a small team of semi-skilled laborers can set poured concrete foundation forms in the morning, pour the concrete in the afternoon, strip off the forms the next day, and carpenters can get to work. Sensible Concrete Construction Company is ready and waiting to fill your residential concrete foundation requirements!