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Sensible Concrete News

We Support Safe Space

Sensible Concrete is a proud supporter and active participant in local non-profit organizations in Sevier County, and we’d like to take a moment and a blog post to shine a spotlight on some of those non-profit organizations. We would like to encourage you to get to know them as well!


* Safespace *

The primary purpose of SafeSpace is to provide emergency shelter, crisis intervention, court advocacy, resource referrals and counseling to victims of domestic violence.

SafeSpace is a safe, secure, and confidentially located shelter. The shelter services we provide are comprehensive and specifically designed to anticipate the needs of victims in crisis. We believe in empowerment. We are here to provide information, share skills and support victims of domestic violence who choose to be self-reliant and leave their abusive situation.

These services include:

• 24-hour assistance with a professionally trained staff to assist residents with physical and emotional support, including food, personal items, first aid, and clothing.

• Individual and support group counseling for both adults and children. The entire family benefits from individual and group counseling, education, and the unique healing and support that naturally develop from informal discussions with other residents.

• Comprehensive victim advocacy designed to support and implement empowerment. The staff helps clients assess their needs and establish goals based upon their individual circumstances with a primary focus on both short-term and long-term safety for the family.

• Once basic needs are met, advocates assist residents with long-term goal making including safety planning, education, employment, and housing.

• Our Children’s Coordinator focuses on the unique needs of children in shelter. The long-term effects upon children who witness domestic violence can be devastating. While in shelter, the residents and their children learn alternatives to violent behavior. Parenting skills are taught and/or enhanced to specifically deal with the problems and behaviors associated with children growing up in abusive homes.

• Educational advocacy for children including securing a new and safe school environment, assistance with the coordination of safely transferring information from the former school to the new school, tutoring, and any other advocacy necessary to see that their education is interrupted as minimally as possible.

The SafeSpace hotline is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. It is an invaluable source for information, support, and referrals for victims of domestic violence or those concerned for a friend or family member in an abusive situation.

Visit their website and consider a donation at