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Company Care during Covid-19
March 26, 2020
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SMARM Fall Renewal Golf Tournament- September 19,2020
April 13, 2020
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The community, country and world are currently experiencing a historical event that is almost unprecedented in modern times and it has the unique distinction of requiring almost everyone aware of what’s going on to undertake the same precautions, follow the same procedures and essentially unite across borders, political and religious affiliations to keep our securities in place – now and for the future. No matter what you believe in office or where you worship at, the COVID-19 reality that the world currently faces is a serious issue for which we have to put much of our lives and the things we take for granted on hold; to be quarantined and isolated where we call our homes in order to keep the COVID-19 cells from spreading.

And yet, this is also a time that requires community to knit together more than ever. Unlike the days that follow a disaster such as a wildfire, flood or tornado, this emergency has lingering presence and anxiety while essential municipalities, organizations dedicated to serving the disadvantaged, shipping services and similar needs require workers to brave that presence and serve the needs of many others.

In this post, Sensible Concrete would like to take the spotlight off ourselves and shine it on those who are serving the needs of the community.

We THANK Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries for keeping their organization open and continuing to offer their services in helping the most disadvantaged in Sevier County during this time.

* Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic *
We THANK Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic for continuing to receive patients from low or no income backgrounds and provide medical treatments for common problems as well as COVID-19 related ailments.

* Medic Regional Blood Center *
We THANK Medic Regional for being able to continue providing for those that need blood transfusions and taking steps to make sure supply, donors and equipment are safe during this time.

* United Way of Greater Knoxville *
We THANK United Way for continuing their operations – taking in donations and distributing them to those in need in the Greater Knoxville area. United way released $50,000 in emergency funds to help local non-profits.

* Truck Drivers *
we THANK truck drivers here in Tennessee and those driving to Tennessee as we could simply not be able to functional at all without you continuing to work and make transportation and deliveries possible.

* Emergency Personnel *
We THANK our local police force, firefighters and medical workers in Sevier County for adding the COVID-19 virus to the list of potential dangers they willingly expose themselves to for the safety of the community at large.


We at Sensible Concrete are monitoring current situations and respecting orders to stay home and help stop the spread of COVID-19. We encourage you to do as well with our local newstations:

WATE, Channel 6

WVLT, Channel 8

WBIR, Channel 10

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